Welcome to the CogPilot Data Challenge!
We are part of the USAF-MIT AI Accelerator.

The U.S. Air Force (USAF) predicts a severe pilot shortage based on its current pilot training programs. To fill this gap, the USAF-MIT Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Program (AIA) established a goal to leverage innovative AI research from the public and academic sectors to optimize the USAF pilot training program and to train better pilots, faster.

The CogPilot data challenge seeks to explore how quantitative performance measurements and multimodal physiological data can provide individualized and more accurate assessment of a student pilot’s competency than current subjective, coarse measures.

The data challenge is open to participants from the DoD, academia, and industry. We will be hosting a multiweek event during which participants will have the opportunity to explore solutions to any or all data challenge tasks. You can sign up for the Data Challenge. Please see the Challenge Description page for details.

More information regarding the data challenge forthcoming. Stay tuned.